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  1. Login to AWS with your valid Amazon S3 credentials at
  2. Select "AWS Management" console from My Account section.
  3. Click on the "Services" option available on the header. Select "S3" as shown below.

  4. S31.png

  5. Click on "Create Bucket" option and add details. Once you've successfully created a Bucket, you will be shown a list of your Buckets.

  6. S32.png


  7. Click on "My Security Credentials" as highlighted below.

  8. S35.png


  9. Click on "Create New Access Key" to download a .CSV file containing the new Access Key
    • The "Storage Account Name" corresponds to your Media Setting's Access Key.
    • The "Primary Access Key" corresponds to Media Setting's Secret Key.
    • The "Bucket Name" corresponds to Media Setting's Bucket Name


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