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  1. Login to the Dashboard with your valid Microsoft Azure credentials to
  2. Click on "Storage"

  3. Azure.png

  4. Then, click "New" to reveal the Quick Create menu. Complete the additional fields and press "Create Storage Account" to continue

  5. Azure2.png

  6. After a Storage Account is successfully created, you're going to see something like the screen below.

  7. Azure3.png

  8. Next, click on the "Storage Account" link

  9. Azure5 (1).png

  10. Click on the "Manage Access Key" link.
    • The "Storage Account Name" corresponds to your Media Setting's Access Key.
    • The "Primary Access Key" corresponds to Media Setting's Secret Key.


  11. Click on the "Container" tab to create new container.
    • The Container Name will be your "Azure Bucket Name" in Multifront's Media Setting

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