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Producthighlights.PNG The Product Highlights is a central location in Multifront where Administrators can create descriptive that appear on a Products PDP. Highlights give Users informative tidbits, such as awards or certifications, that can assist in choosing a Product. You can even add pictures-- how exciting! Product Highlights can be associated more than once to a Store or Product, and are reusable.

In this section, Admins can create new Product Highlights are manage the association of Products to Product Highlights.

A preview of three Highlights on a product

Product Highlights lets you create informative tidbits, such as awards or certifications, that can be displayed to products on the PDP. Example: Made in the USA, Certified Organic, or BIO Certified. You can even add pictures-- how exciting! They give your Users a little a little extra information when they browse your Products.

Product Highlights Details

Tab Detail Description
Highlight Locale Highlights are localizable after they've been saved. You'll be prompted to select a default locale during Highlight creation. After saving, you'll be able to return to your highlight and update the additional localizable fields.
Image Highlight can have an image associated with it which will be displayed on the PDP.
Highlight Type Select a type for this highlight. Depending on the storefront implementation different Highlight Types will display differently.
Display Order Enter a number. This determines the order in which the Highlight is displayed on the product page. A highlight with the lower display order will be displayed first.
Image Alt Text This text is displayed when the user hovers on the Highlight Image on the PDP.
Highlight Name Choose from the drop-down list of unused values. Names are added by adding values to the product attribute "Highlights" on the "Locale/Values" tab
On Click Behavior Configures on-click behavior when the user clicks on Highlight image. Options are Hyperlink or Description.
Hyperlink/Description Will either redirect to a URL or will display text based on on-click behavior setting.
Associated Products "Associate Products" button Using the "Associate Products" button, you're able to browse a list of all published products. Select a list of the products you want to relate to your highlight. Associated Highlights to your product will be displayed on the product display page.

Add Highlights

There are three steps to follow for adding a new a highlight.

  1. Create Product Highlight Name, then "Save" via Master Product Highlights Attribute List.
  2. Complete Product Highlight Details via Product Highlights.
  3. Associate Products and Product Highlights via Product Highlights.

Create Product Highlight Name

This section references Attributes. If you are looking for additional information on this topic, see Attributes.
The Master Attribute  List:
PIM > Product Attributes > Attributes > Attribute Code: Product Highlights > Locale/Values tab
  1. Add new Product Highlight to Values for Master Product Highlights Attribute List
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button then continue to "Create New Highlight" steps, seen below. After a new Highlight has been saved to Values, the new Highlight will then appear in the Detail "Highlight Name" drop-down list.

Create New Highlight

Marketing > Product Highlights > "Add New" button


  1. Complete new Product Highlight Details.
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button.
  3. After the Highlight details are saved, the page will reload with an "Associate Products" tab. Use the "Associate Products" button to associate Products to the Product Highlight.
  4. Save progress using the "Save" button.

Edit Product Highlights

Marketing > Product Highlights > "Edit" button

If the user so desires to edit the already entered information then in such a case the edit option would be helpful in carrying out the necessary edits. These edits may be for a single field or for more than one field, wherever required by the user.


Here the user can associate more than one product with the particular product highlight type, like in this case the product highlight is Free Shipping so with this many products could be associated for better promotion.


Following screen is a provision made for various products to be associated with the product highlight type Free Shipping


As per above description if the product is Allium then the associated product could be a bouquet set. Once this is done the following message gets displayed to the user that Product has been associated successfully


  1. Edit Product Highlights Details
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button

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