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OMS > Warehouse

Warehouses track the inventory of your Products. When Inventory is created for the first time, your SKU will become associated with a Warehouse by default. Then, when a Product is purchased, the inventory assigned to the SKU is updated.

  • Warehouses are used to as the originating address when calculating shipping.
  • Admins can associate alternate Warehouses to an SKU. In the event the primary Warehouses is out of stock, inventory will be used from the alternate Warehouses.
  • Admins can choose not to associate an SKU to a Warehouses.

Warehouse Details

Detail Description
Code Unique Code associated a Warehouse.
Name Internal reference name
Address Details Warehouses address details. Used as shipping origin.

Add Warehouses

OMS > Warehouses > "Add New" button


  1. Complete Warehouses details
  2. Save progress with "Save" button. The "Associated SKUs" tab now appears. You can view which SKU's have been associated to the Warehouse here.

Associate Inventory to Warehouses

OMS > Inventory > "Add New" button
  1. Browse for SKU using "Browse" button
  2. Complete Inventory details, making sure to select to appropriate "Warehouse"
  3. Save progress using the "Save" button
    • The Inventory list can be edited using the edit action

Edit Warehouses

OMS > Warehouses > "Edit" action


  1. Update Warehouse details
  2. Save progress with "Save" button.

Delete Warehouses

 OMS > Warehouses > "Delete" action

Page will update to confirm Warehouse has been deleted

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