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Add-Ons are simple products that can be added to an Order directly from the PDP of another Product. Add-Ons can be associated with another Simple Product or with Bundled, Configurable, or Grouped Products.

Example: I am on the PDP page of the Product "Roses" and am given the chance to add-on to my Order a nicer vase, a box or chocolate, or a bottle of wine.

But what exactly is an Add-on Group? Add-on Groups, just bear with me, are how the Add-ons are displayed on the PDP--such as a drop-down list, checkbox, or radio button. Add-on products must be associated with an Add-on Group before they will be visible.

Add Add-On Group

PIM > Add-On Groups > "Add New" button
Detail Descriptions
Locale Defaults to English. Additional Locale values can be added via edit after the Add-On Group is created.
Name Name to reference internally the Add-On value
Display Type Choose how customers are presented Add-On on PDP.


  1. Complete Add-On Group details
  2. Then, Save Progress using "Save" button

Add Product to Add-On Group

PIM > Products > "Edit" action " Add-Ons tab > "Associate Add-On Groups" button

At the Product level, Admins can associate products to an existing Add-On Group.

  1. Select which Add-On Groups the product is to be associated with.
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button.

Edit Product to Add-On Group

PIM > Products > "Edit" action

Initially choose a product, from the products section under PIM dropdown Pim--product.png

For instance, we have selected the product as Beans Pim--product--add--on.png

For the product Beans, now we got to associate an add-on group, we get to view the list of such addon groups here Pim--brands--addons.png

In the Packaging add-on group, the option is presented to the users to choose a packaging deal like the beans + carrots could be bought by the users as a single package. Addons.png

  1. Update Add-On Group details
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button.

After everything goes well the following product "Beans" would be displayed in the web-store with the associated add-on product(e.g. here "beans" product is associated with "carrots" product in a packaging add-on group) PIM Znode Img 7 Beans associate Addon groups after done.png

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