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Admin > Taxes


Taxes section allows Administrators to add and manage Tax Classes. Tax Classes are used to group Products with one or more Tax Rules. Multiple Products can be associated with a Tax Class.

Taxes in Multifront consist of only one Tax Type: Sales Tax. However, this one provider can be used to set up and configure Sales Taxes for all countries, each with potentially different Tax Rates. Not to mention you can create different Tax Classes that use different Rules based on things like Product Types and Categories

Example: You serve many customers in Japan and need to account for their consumption tax. You can create your own tax provider, named something like "JapanConsumptionTax", which performs the calculations necessary for all your Japanese customers.

Tax Class Details

Detail Description
Tax Class Name Internal name for Tax Class.
Display Order Weight added to display results. A low Display Order number will appear higher up within your search results than a high Display Order number
Activate box Indicates if Tax Class is Active be default

Add Tax Class

Admin > Taxes > "Add New" button

Admin--taxes--add new.PNG

  1. Add Tax Class Details
  2. Save progress with the "Save" button. The page will reload with action confirmation. Two additional tabs appear; Manage Taxes and Associated Products.
  3. Tax Rules can be associated with the Tax Class on the Manage Taxes tab. Products can be associated with the Tax Class on the Associated Products tab.

Associate Products to Tax Class

Admin > Taxes > "Edit" button > Associated Products tab > "Associate Products" button

Admin--taxes--manage--associate product.PNG

  1. Select Product(s) to Associate to Tax Class
  2. Save progress with the "Save" button. Page will display a confirmation message.
  3. Product is now Associated to Tax Class.

Tax Rule Details

Specify Destination and one or more tax rates below based on your regional requirements.

Detail Description
Tax Type By default only one Tax Rule Type, "Sales' tax", is displayed.
Precedence Enter a number. This is the order in which this tax rule will be processed.
Destination Country Select a county from the drop-down list.
Destination State Select a state from the drop-down list.
Zip Code Optional; Specify destination Zip Code.
Sales Tax Enter a Sales Tax
VAT Tax Enter a Vat Tax
GST Tax Enter a GST Tax
PST Tax Enter a PST Tax
HST Tax Enter a HST Tax

Add Tax Rule

Admin > Taxes  > "Edit" action > "Add Rule" button

Admin--taxes--manage--add rule.PNG

  1. Add Tax Rule Details
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button. Page will reload confirming your action.
  3. New Tax Rule is now added.

Edit Tax

Admin > Taxes  > "Edit" action
  1. Edit Tax
  2. Save progress using the "Save" action. Page will reload with action confirmation.
  3. Existing Tax is now edited.

Delete Tax

Admin > Taxes > "Delete" action
  1. Page will reload with action confirmation.
  2. Tax is now deleted.

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