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Admin > Application Log

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Application Log is a module that tracks the logs related to events, integration, database.

Logs Description
Log Configuration This module allows an administrator to enable or disable specific log tracking.
All Logs Admin can turn off or purge this setting to stop and remove all logs for all the components except database logs. This can be turned on to start logs for all components except event and integration logs turn those on explicitly for logging
Event Logs Admin controls the configuration of Search, Import, and image scheduler component log.
Integration Log Admin controls the configuration of ERP, Payment, and shipping component log.
Database Log Admin controls the configuration for the stored procedure failure logs that are present in SQL server.

All Logs

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This allows an administrator to see all the logs that are captured in the application.

Log Message This indicates general message which describes the captured log.
Component The module who's log has been captured
Trace level The type of Log (e.g. - error, info, warning ect.)
Created Date Log creation date and time.
Action Administrator can view the details related to the log.
Stack Trace Message The log related to the line of code which is affected within a module.
Domain Name Domain name of the application.
Application Type The type of Application (Admin or Webstore).

Note:- The above details will be same for Event Logs, Integration Logs and Database Logs

Trace Level

These are the type of Log (e.g. - error, info, warning etc.)

All Tracks all the logs in the applications.
Info Tracks the general events of the application.
Warning Tracks the Abnormal or unexpected event in the application which does not cause the application to stop.
Debugs Tracks the Database operations, system processes, and the errors that occur when executing a transaction or a unit test.
Error Tracks the error in the current occurring activity. (By default error trace level is selected)