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CMS > Email Templates

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Email Templates are used by Multifront to send automated email messages to customers. For example: Account Information, Order Receipt, Account Activation/Deactivation

  • Admins can create/save/reuse email templates for multiple stores depending on the functionality.
  • Admin can preview an existing template using the "Preview " action

After creating the new email template, Admin needs to next relate template to Stores. If the template is not configured to Stores then no email will be sent via Multifront to customers.

Add Email Template

CMS > Email Templates > "Add New" button

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  1. Complete Email Template Details
  2. Save progress using "Save" button

Email Template Details

Detail Description
Available system Macros Any given Macro(s), if added in the content field below, will fetch the respective value of that macro(s) on the email template for a particular customer.
Locale Default locale is default language
Template Name Internal reference name for the email template.
Description Specify description, if required.
Subject Enter the email subject.
Content Enter the email content using Rich Text Box. Admin can also use Macros within the content.

Edit Email Template

CMS > Email Templates > "Edit" action
  1. Edit Email Template Details
  2. Save progress using "Save" button

Configure Email Notifications

CMS > Email Templates > Tools > Configure Email Notifications

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  1. Choose Store detail. The page will reload.
  2. Use the "Add New" button to associate "Area" of Multifront to Email Template
  3. Save progress using the "Save" action