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PIM > Products

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The Products subsection is a central location, in Multifront, for Administrators to create and manage the Products that appear in your Stores. Products are created by Admins, using a Product Types, Product Details, and must feature a unique SKU. Products can be configured with advanced, Product-specific preferences after their initial creation using the "Edit" action.

Product Types

Type Description
Simple Simple products get associated to a single SKU. Simple products can be used to build Grouped, Bundled, Configurable or Add-On products.
  • Simple Product: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 3, on DVD
  • SKU: STTNG003
Grouped Grouped products are several SKU's that have been associated together. Customers can choose to purchase one, more than one, or all of the SKU's associated together. Think of a Grouped product as the SKU multiselect list.
  • Grouped Product: Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Complete Series, on DVD
  • SKUs: STTNG001, STTNG002, STTNG003, STTNG004, STTNG005, STTNG006, STTNG007
    • With Grouped, customers can choose one, some, or all of the seasons from within the grouped product.
Bundled Bundled Products work similar to Grouped, except the associated products can only be purchased as a bundle.
  • Bundled Product: Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Complete Series, on DVD
  • SKUs: STTNG001, STTNG002, STTNG003, STTNG004, STTNG005, STTNG006, STTNG007
    • With Bundled, customers can "take all or nothing" with associated SKU's.
Configurable A configurable product is a single product with multiple variations. Each variation is a unique simple product. Inventory is tracked by the SKU of the simple product for each variation.

Configurable Product: Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform-Large

    • With Configurable, customers choose from a list of configurable attributes. Each Attribute configuration is tied to a unique SKU.

The Tools button has gained some nifty features. It has some additional functionality in this section to make your life a little easier when it comes to managing your Products.

Tools Button in Products

Delete Permanently delete an active element(s).
Activate Select to display one or more products in the storefront.
Deactivate Select to hide one or more products in the storefront.
Bulk Update Update products in bulk using a CSV file.

Available from v9.0.5.1

Export to CSV /

Export to Excel

Export the product data in a CSV or Excel format.

Available from v9.0.5.1

Product Info

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Product info is the default attribute fields that all four products types you create will have. Some of these fields capture information about your product and are visible to customers. Other fields will allow you to configure how the product is set-up or displayed in your store.

Accordian Product Details Description
Product Info Attribute Family Chooses a Product Attribute Category. The Product Attribute Category specifies which information to capture about the product.
Product Name Product name as it is to appear to customers
Product Type There are 4 product types: Simple, Grouped, Bundle, and Configurable.
SKU Assign a unique SKU to the product.
Enabled Enable or disable the product. Only enabled products are displayed on webstore.
Is Downloadable Flag to identify whether it is downloadable product or not.
Product Details Long Description Enter a detailed description for the product in this Rich Text Box that appears to customer.
Short Description Enter an optional short description for the product. This will be displayed in the product listing grid. The description should be less than 100 characters.
Product Code Enter your internal product code for this item. This product code identifies a product across all locales.
Assortment Select which catalog(s) product should be assigned to.
Brand Select the brand for this product.
Vendor Vendors are added via the "Vendors" section of PIM.
Highlights Enter information to highlight about product. For Example: "Certified Organic", "BIO Certified" and etc.
Tags To associate a tag(s) to this product to assist in customer search.
Image Product Image Browse Media Explorer for a single primary image for your product as seen by the customer.
Gallery Image Browse Media Explorer for additional images customers can see when viewing a product.
Product Setting Unit of Measure (UOM) Select unit of measurement for product.
Min Quantity Enter minimum quantity customer can purchase
Max Quantity Enter maximum quantity customer can purchase
Out-of-Stock Options Select how an out of stock product affects the shopping cart from the three options listed in drop-down.
Shipping Settings Weight Enter the weight of the product in pounds. This is used to compute shipping cost. Leave blank if not applicable.
Height Enter the height of the product in inches. This is used to compute shipping cost. Leave blank if not applicable.
Width Enter the width of the product in inches. This is used to compute shipping cost. Leave blank if not applicable.
Length Enter the length of the product in inches. This is used to compute shipping cost. Leave blank if not applicable.
Packaging Type Select the type of packaging required for the product.

Note: The detail fields you see during the product creation process directly correspond to attribute groups associated to your chosen Attribute Families.

Add Products

PIM > Products > "Add New" button

For a new product, all the related information as required below needs to be entered in this section. Here the product name and SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) are mandatory fields if the user provides them and goes on to SAVE AS DRAFT option then such product-related information would be saved as a draft and could be referred back if so desired by the user. Later on, the user may go on to continue entering the other relevant details related to the same product. solid black circle

Specific product related details to be entered here: PIM Productinfo productdetails 1.png

Relevant product image to be selected here: solid black circle

Starting from UOM till the out of stock options all the relevant fields need to be entered in this section: solid black circle

Shipping setting to be established by providing the necessary information here : solid black circle

Note: Products Must be Published and associated with a Category before they will appear in your Stores.

When creating a Product using the Default Attribute Family, some primary tabs of information will be visible to start:

  • Product Info
  • Product Details
  • Image
  • Product Setting
  • Shipping Settings
  1. Complete the initial Product details on all the tabs and save your progress using the "Save as Draft" button. The page will reload with confirmation your Product has been saved.
  2. To finish Adding a new Product, use the "Publish" button. The page will reload with action confirmation.
  3. (Optional) After the Product is saved, five secondary tabs will appear to manage your newly created product with. Complete these details, as necessary, and save progress using the "Save as Draft" or "Publish" actions:
  • Personalization
  • Custom Fields
  • Add-ons
  • You May Also Like
  • Frequently Bought

Note: These steps represent the minimum requirements to add a Simple Product in Multifront.

For the more advanced Products Types, such as Configurable, Grouped, and Bundled Products, they just take a few more steps than a standard Simple Product--which can be found in the Product Quickstart Guide.

When to Publish a Product

PIM > Products > "Edit Action" > "Publish" button

Anytime an Administrator makes a change to a Product in the Products section of PIM, the Product must be Published before the change will be visible on the front-end.

Editing Products

PIM > Products > "Edit Action"

Product Info

In the product view screen, all the products are visible to the user. If the user wishes to edit the product details then by simply clicking on the product name or by clicking on the edit action button the following screen could be reached wherein the edits would be made possible solid black circle

Tab's related to product info

For product info related edit's the following screen is provided wherein there are 6 sections starting from product info till Fine Foods which allow respective information to be edited. solid black circle


For SEO related edits the SEO tab to be clicked and the related information to be entered thereafter solid black circle


To view the catalog whether it is successfully published or not the following screen is provided solid black circle


In the category edit section, the facility to delete a preexisting category and to associate a particular product to any of the categories is provided solid black circle


Pricing related edits facilitated in this section contains important elements like price list, retail price, and tiered pricing. Once relevant changes are done a separate save button needs to be clicked to save the changes. solid black circle


Here warehouse, quantity and reorder list can be edited, a separate save button needs to be clicked to save the changes. solid black circle


In the ADD-ON'S section provisions are made to facilitate the user to associate a particular product to a product group or vice versa solid black circle

Associated Add-on groups

As the button for associate add-on groups is clicked the list of groups to be associated are represented solid black circle

Custom Field

Provision to add the custom code, display order, text and value is presented here solid black circle


For Anniversary gifts, any personalized message could be included in this section solid black circle

You may also like

solid black circle

Assign link to products

solid black circle

Frequently Bought

solid black circle

Assign link for frequently bought products

solid black circle

Note: After you've saved a product for the first time, you'll have access to more in-depth product customization areas the next time you edit it. Specifically, fields for Personalization, Custom Fields, Add-On Groups, You May Also Like and Frequently Bought.

  1. Edit Product details
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button. The page will reload with action confirmation.
  3. Product is now edited.
  4. To make changes visible to Customer, use Publish button.

Additional Fields

Personalization Used to manage text attributes assigned to your product with the configuration option "Is Personalizable" as active. Only text attributes with "Is Personalizable" will appear here.
Custom Fields Only visible at the Product-level. Used to display additional information about your Product.
Add-Ons Used to Associate Add-On Groups created to your product. Only unassigned Add-On Groups will appear. Only Simple Products should be displayed in "Associate Add-On Group" pop-up.
You Might Also Like Used to associate related products that will be displayed on the PDP as "You May Also Like"
Frequently Bought Used to associate related products that will be displayed on the PDP as "Frequently Bought"

Delete Products

PIM > Products > "Delete" action
  1. Page will reload with confirmation Product has been deleted

Bulk Update Products

Admin users can add or update the values of attributes for desired products using the Bulk Update feature.

To update product details below steps can be followed:

  1. Click on Tools >> Bulk Update
  2. Upload a CSV file which includes the products SKU(s) and the attribute values which need to be updated
  3. Select Auto Publish The Updated Data
  4. Click on Import

Using the above steps Admin users will be able to update the product details and publish the product(s). Step 3 from the above steps is optional.

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