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OMS > Quotes

QuotesLanding.png A Quote is an unfinished transaction, usually created by a B2B customer (who has Role: User and restricted purchasing authority) that must be approved by a designated "Approver" before the purchase is finalized. A Quote can also be created by Role: Admin or Role: Manager.

If Role: User attempts to check out with a cart that exceeds their "Budget Amount", all payment methods in the cart are replaced with the ability to save as Quote. When a Quote is saved, it is automatically forwarded to the Approver.

The Approver can make modifications to the Products (Add/Remove) or Product quantity before approving. Totals are automatically re-calculated. The Approver can also create a Quote on behalf of the Role: User on any Customer on behalf of their account.

Quotes can be marked as Pending Approval, Approved, Rejected, and In Review. Once the Quote is approved and processed, the status will be changed to Ordered

Once the Quote is approved, it can be processed as an Order or sent back to the Role: User that originally submitted the Quote.

Quote Approval Process

  1. Role: User attempts to checkout with cart that exceeds Purchase Budget.
    • Payment Methods in cart are replaced with "Save as Draft" button.
  2. Role: User submits Quote, it is automatically forwarded to Approver
  3. Approver reviews Quote for approval
    • If Approved, the Approver can complete the transaction OR can submit the approved Quote back to Role: User for final processing.
    • If Denied, the Approver updates the status to "Rejected"
  4. Quote is converted to an Order and status is updated to "Ordered"

Quote Details

Tab Detail Description
Customers Store Select Store applicable to Quote
Customer Name Choose "Customer" from Approvers Account to create Quote for.
Address Shipping Address Verify Customers Shipping Address
Billing Address Verify Customers Billing Address
Shopping Cart "Add Product" button Add Products to cart for Quote. Save using "Add Products" button.
Enter Coupon Code + "Apply" button Apply coupon code towards Quote
Gift Card Number + "Apply" button Apply the gift card number towards Quote
CSR Discount Add additional discount amount
Shipping Method Shipping Radial Buttons Select the shipping information. All Profile-level shipping options are displayed in the list.
Payment Additional Notes Quote Processing Notes.
"Submit For Approval" Submit Quote using button

Create Quote

OMS > Quotes > "Create Quote" button


Note: Role: Users attempting to check out with contents in their cart exceeding their Purchase Budget will not have the ability to select a payment method. Instead, they will only be able to "Save as Quote".

  1. Complete the Quote Details, using the "Continue" button to progress through tabs.
  2. Submit Quote using "Submit for Approval" button, found on the Payments tab
  3. Page will reload with action confirmation
  4. Quote is now saved.

Edit Quote

OMS > Quotes > "Manage" action


Note: Only Quotes that have been submitted for Approval can be Edited. Quotes which are left as Drafts will need to be deleted and resubmitted for Approval.

  1. Edit Quote using "Update Quote Status" button and/or "Order Notes
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button
  3. Page will reload with action confirmation
  4. Quote is now saved.

Order Quote

OMS > Quotes > "Orders" action


Note: After the Order is placed, it will appear on the Orders section of OMS.

  1. Verify all Quote details are correct. Advance between tabs using "Back" and "Continue" buttons
  2. On "Payment" tab, select Payment Method via drop-down
  3. On the "Review" tab, complete order using "Place Your Order" button

View Quote

Customers > Accounts > "Manage" action > Quotes tab 

QuotesView.png Note: A Quote is not converted to an Order until "Place Your Order" button

  • Manage Quote status with "Manage" action.
  • Manage Customer, Address, Shopping Cart, Shipping Method, and Payment Method details with "Orders" action

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