Release Notes: 9.0.0 Beta

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Release Notes
  • Advanced Admin Functionality and UX
  • Enhanced Multistore Management
  • Customer Management System
  • Digital Asset Manager
  • Order Management System
  • Product Information Manager
  • Dynamic Reporting via SSRS
  • ERP Connector
  • Internationalization
  • Improved Marketing Capabilities
  • Advanced Widget Development
Advanced Admin Functionality New Admin UX
  • User Management — Roles & Administration
  • Menu Management for Admin Site
  • Custom Attribute Management for Products Media and Categories
  • Simplified Workflow
  • 360° content view; for e.g. customer & orders
  • Advance list view, manage columns, filters, search
DAM ERP Connector
  • Built-in video management
  • CDN integration, for e.g. Amazon S3
  • A-sync media upload
  • Pre-built connector base class
  • Job scheduler
Internationalization Marketing
  • Localize website content in all global languages
  • Global currency support
  • Unique Coupon Code
  • Prebuilt Promotions w/ capability to extend
  • Draft and Publish functionality
  • Widget Management
  • Template Management
  • Theme Management
  • Email Templates
  • Order History tracking by User
  • Line item order editing and management
  • Partial refunds
  • Custom discount management
  • Tracking of Promotion & Discounts by Order
  • Enhanced Affiliate Tracking — prebuilt integration with CJ Reporting

PIM Store Management
  • Draft and Publish functionality
  • Advance support for Simple, Configurable, Group, and Bundle product type
  • Dynamic Link Management, for e.g. Frequently Bought
  • Personalizable attributes, for e.g. enter engraving text on PDP
  • Enhanced Multistore Management.
  • Price List Engine.
  • Inventory List Engine.
  • Warehouse Management.
  • New & Advance Search — Elastic Search.
  • Pre-built product feeds for Google and Bing.

Reporting Webstore
  • Dynamic Reports via SSRS
  • Advance Widgets base development

9.0.0 Known Issues


CASE ID - 19301
Error in database script - Database creates successfully but shows an error.
CASE ID - 19302
Fails to remove Admin and Api website from IIS and some installed data after uninstalling Znode Multifront Application Installer.

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