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Release Notes

  • Advanced Admin Functionality and UX
  • Enhanced Multistore Management
  • Customer Management System
  • Digital Asset Manager
  • Order Management System
  • Product Information Manager
  • Dynamic Reporting via SSRS
  • ERP Connector
  • Internationalization
  • Improved Marketing Capabilities
  • Advanced Widget Development
Advanced Admin Functionality New Admin UX
  • User Management — Roles & Administration
  • Menu Management for Admin Site
  • Custom Attribute Management for Products Media and Categories
  • Simplified Workflow
  • 360° content view; for e.g. customer & orders
  • Advance list view, manage columns, filters, search
DAM ERP Connector
  • Built-in video management
  • CDN integration, for e.g. Amazon S3
  • A-sync media upload
  • Pre-built connector base class
  • Job scheduler
Internationalization Marketing
  • Localize website content in all global languages
  • Global currency support
  • Unique Coupon Code
  • Prebuilt Promotions w/ capability to extend
  • Draft and Publish functionality
  • Widget Management
  • Template Management
  • Theme Management
  • Email Templates
  • Order History tracking by User
  • Line item order editing and management
  • Partial refunds
  • Custom discount management
  • Tracking of Promotion & Discounts by Order
  • Enhanced Affiliate Tracking — prebuilt integration with CJ Reporting

PIM Store Management
  • Draft and Publish functionality
  • Advance support for Simple, Configurable, Group, and Bundle product type
  • Dynamic Link Management, for e.g. Frequently Bought
  • Personalizable attributes, for e.g. enter engraving text on PDP
  • Enhanced Multistore Management.
  • Price List Engine.
  • Inventory List Engine.
  • Warehouse Management.
  • New & Advance Search — Elastic Search.
  • Pre-built product feeds for Google and Bing.

Reporting Webstore
  • Dynamic Reports via SSRS
  • Advance Widgets base development

Multifront 9.0.1 Known Issues


CASE ID 21229 - Product Feeds
While creating Product Feed Scheduler navigation is incorrect, currently, it is navigating to Mock ERP Configuration page instead it should navigate to Product Feed.
CASE ID 21232 - Product Feeds
Unable to create a product feed for Google Product Feed and Bing Product feed if more than 50000 products associated in Catalog.
CASE ID 21330 - Product Feed
Price is not displaying as per global setting in generated XML.
CASE ID 21250 - Product Feed
Need to display one icon that will generate the Product feed from the list page.
CASE ID 21302 - Mock ERP Configuration
No need to display Tools widget on unassigned touch point popup.
CASE ID 20344 - Import
Import status is displayed as Failed even record successfully imported into the application.


CASE ID 21290 - Pages
Content page name is not localized from admin site.


CASE ID 21345 - Accounts
Success message is not displayed while enable/disable the account.


CASE ID 21303 - Promotions and Coupons
Unable to select store if brand is selected first for Amount Off Brand Promotion.
CASE ID 21456 - Site Search
Error page displayed on Product Level Boosting if created a Product with special characters
CASE ID 21331 - Promotion & Coupons
Global Search for the 'Product' popup not working in the Edit mode.


CASE ID 21163 - Manage Order
Tax amount displayed incorrectly in return history
CASE ID 21253 - Manage Order
While Return Order Shipping amount is allowed to change which is incorrect.
CASE ID 21288 - Orders
Incorrect Tax amount refunded for a Product having add-on associated with it.
CASE ID 21300 - Orders
Full Order amount getting refunded if same order is updated to 'Cancelled' which is already being 'Returned'.
CASE ID 21311 - Orders
For same order, not able to capture the payment again using Payflow Payment Gateway if order already captured.
CASE ID 21312 - Orders
Not able to update the Tracking number for the order if the Order is placed by PayPal Express.
CASE ID 21313 - Orders
If Default Order status against the Order is updated then associated Order line item status is not getting updated.
CASE ID 21319 - Orders
Incorrect Unit Price displayed in Order returned history if try to return multiple quantities of the same Product.
CASE ID 21458 - Manage Order
Incorrect unit price displayed after changing it for a Bundle Product.
CASE ID 21459 - Manage Order
Incorrect personalize text is displayed for a configurable product if added personalize text in two configurable products.
CASE ID 21459 - Orders
Getting an error page while click on the Order Date column.
CASE ID 21289 - Manage Order
Tax Amount displayed as refunded even if Order is 'Tax exempted'.
CASE ID 21279 - Manage Order
Not allowing adding a new address for an Order placed by a B2B User.
CASE ID 21307 - Manage Order
Edit link is displayed below the tracking number field.
CASE ID 21255 - Manage Order
Captured pop up not displayed if tried to return a single product.
CASE ID 21135 - Manage Order
Invalid coupon code message displayed for an already applied coupon if new coupon tried to apply.
CASE ID 19438 - Gift Cards
Email getting sent with an incorrect currency symbol.
CASE ID 21306 - Orders
Product Tracking Number field is not displayed if status is selected as Submitted or Returned.
CASE ID 21096 - Manage Orders
Not able to update the product if it is not available in the website.


CASE ID 21358 - Inventory
Getting error page on Inventory list if more than 50000 products associated in the inventory list.
CASE ID 21359 - Catalog
Catalog publish process taking time for single locale if more than 50000 products associated in Catalog.
CASE ID 21270 - Products
Need to remove the option 'Product Image' from 'Columns' and 'Manage Filters'
CASE ID 21293 - Add-ons
Product image thumbnail displayed as broken on changing the locale.
CASE ID 21418 - Products
Error Page displayed on Product list page if created a Product having '<' in its Product Name, SKU, Product Code.
CASE ID 21344 - B2B
Correct configurable products not getting added to the cart when ordered from the Order Template.
CASE ID 21488 - PIM
Error page displayed on searching with the 'Attribute Family' filter.


CASE ID 21268 - Orders
No need to display returned product entry in Order Reports.

Stores and Reps

CASE ID 21262 - Webstore
Need to provide Tax column in Return history section
CASE ID 21263 - Webstore
On Category List page, applied SortBy Filters are not persistent if facets are applied.
CASE ID 21298 - Webstore
Tax is not applied to associated add-ons of a Grouped Product.
CASE ID 21325 - Webstore
While click on the create index button, already Published Products are not displayed on webstore.
CASE ID 21336 - Webstore
While creating new valid address (if valid address condition set from the Store) Address validation displayed. It should allow adding valid addresses.
CASE ID 21337 - Webstore
UOM texts not displayed with the Product Price on the PDP.
CASE ID 21335 - Webstore
Unable to add to cart product from Configurable PDP page if main configurable product price associated and simple product having tiered price associated
CASE ID 21282 - Webstore
Add-on value displayed as selected on PDP page of the product even if it is not set as default from the admin site.
CASE ID 21328 - Webstore
Allowing to Add to cart a Call for Pricing enabled promotion products on Quantity Change.
CASE ID 21455 – Webstore
Validation message for required Add-on not displayed for a Bundle Product.
CASE ID 21225 – Webstore
The application is not allowing placing the order using Discover CC type for Stripe Payment Gateway.
CASE ID 21341 - Webstore
Profile based Payments and Shipping not displayed properly for B2B users
CASE ID 21233 - Webstore
Incorrect counts displayed in the 'Recent Orders' section for Bundle Products.
CASE ID 21333 - Webstore
Getting exception while adding to cart grouped product with add-on if price and inventory not associated to add-ons.
CASE ID 21237 - Webstore
Corrupt image icon is displayed for a while when using Zoom functionality.
CASE ID 21460 - Webstore
An error page is displayed if Enter Key is pressed on the PDP of the personalized product.
CASE ID 21294 - Store Display Settings
Need to display correct default image pixels in the display setting for a new store.
CASE ID 20812 - Order Templates
Incorrect count displayed for 'Items' column if a Product has add-on associated with it.
CASE ID 19833 - New Template
UI of the Add to template button is not proper while creating the new template.
CASE ID 21266 - Package Weight Limit
Default value for Package Weight Limit not displayed for a newly created Store.
CASE ID 21349 - Display Setting
Not allowing the associating .svg image to the store logo.

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