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Release Notes / Version / February 22, 2019

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-4693]-Product import utility- Error is generated when importing a .CSV file with product data.
[ZPD-4761]-Webstore >> Site Search - When searched for some specific product related keyword duplicate entries get displayed.
[ZPD-4770]-In Product List Page, issues related to facets functionality. Different results on production site and staging site.
[ZPD-3649]-Admin >> Catalog: On the catalog page the count for ‘Number of Categories’ published is different (through the publishing process and thereafter).
[ZPD-4265]-Admin - OMS >> Orders >> Manage Order >> Print page - When two promotions are applied then break tag is displayed on the print order page.
[ZPD-4602]-Unable to use discount type ‘Amount off order’ within promotions and coupons.
[ZPD-4651]-Webstore >> Thank You Page-On checkout page the display name /shipping name of the shipping agency with delivery details should reflect.
[ZPD-4752] -On Admin Dashboard >>Top Products, with similar product description but different SKUs should be represented.
[ZPD-4796]-Admin-Advanced Reports >> Abandoned Cart: Inaccurate information gets displayed in the abandoned cart report.
[ZPD-4799]-When applying for promotion on subtotal of order, the wrong add-on price with product quantity and wrong promotion gets applied for the product.
[ZPD-4831]-Admin - First and Last name/Username missing in the received email.
[ZPD-4853]-Webstore- Site search -The specific product keyword related search displays the wrong result.
[ZPD-4890]-Price sorting not working for product list page.
[ZPD-4894]-OMS - Orders - manage - Shipping type description covers the tracking number field.
[ZPD-4895]-Overriding the public methods in WidgetDataAgent for custom changes.
[ZPD-4937]-Cart Page-Personalise attributes data not being displayed for the products.