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Release Notes / Version / May 31, 2019


Performance: GetCategoryProducts

Shopper Experience

The code of the GetCategoryProducts method of WidgetDataAgent.cs file has been optimized to a higher extent. This has not only increased the performance but has also reduced the loading speed of the product listing page.

Flag Based Usage of URLs With .HTML Extension

Commerce / Shopper Experience

Customers (shoppers) will now be able to use the URLs with .html extension to open the web pages of the Znode web store. This implementation is done on a flag basis.

Note:- The flag is available in web.config

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-6010/ZLMC-480] - Admin & Web store - The changes made were not getting reflected on the web store when the product was published from the PIM module. To resolve this issue, a clearCacheInitializer was added in PreviewProduct method of ProductService.cs file.

[ZPD-5985] - Web store - Customers (shoppers) were being able to place an order using PayPal Express without adding a billing address. This resulted in the loss of order. To resolve this issue, changes were made in Checkout.ts file.

[ZPD-5681/ZLMC-382] - The following methods of ZnodeOrderHelper.cs file were not overridable and therefore were made overridable:

  • GetPersonalisedAttributeLineItemDetails
  • GetPersonalisedValueCartLineItem
  • GetPersonalisedQuoteValueCartLineItem
  • FormalizeOrderLineItems
  • SetPersonalizeDetails
  • GetPersonalizeThumbnailUR
  • ,GetPersonalizeDesignId