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The libraries folder consist of:

  • Znode.Custom.Api.Model - Consist of custom Api Models and its responses.
  • Znode.Custom.Data - Consist of custom entities.
  • Znode.Libraries.Report - Consist of report structure.
  • Znode.Libraries.Resource - Consist of resource files.



"Znode.Engine.Admin" contains all the of the same modules as the Webstore.

  • Agent
  • Custom Auto Mappers
  • Clients
  • Controller
  • Endpoint
  • Maps
  • Script
  • Themes
  • ViewModels
  • Views

Creating Custom Code


Suppose we want to customize the portal controller.


  1. Create a "CustomPortalController" and add all the required customized methods.
    • Although Portal list has the URL Store/List, but when you create a custom controller the URL will be "CustomPortal/List".
    • In order to avoid this difference, we used Attribute Based Routing by writing a Route Attribute above the action method as [Route("Store/List")] which will then point to the list of Stores.
  2. Create a "CustomPortalAgent" so that it will inherit the previous "StoreAgent" and interface.
  3. Then, create the completet he API flow. Code is now customized.

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