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OMS > Inventory

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Inventory, or Inventory List, is a list of inventory by SKU in each Warehouse. As orders are processed through your webstore, inventory levels will be adjusted automatically. Admins are notified via a low-inventory alert if an SKU reaches the "Re-Order" threshold.

Inventory Details

SKU Select SKU from associated SKU panelist.
Product Name Enter the name of the product.
Warehouse Select the available warehouse for this product. It indicates that this product is available Or it is being kept at this location.
Quantity On Hand Enter the available quantity for the product.
Re-Order Level Enter the minimum stock level below which admin would need to re-order the product.
Action Manage actions enables to Edit the Inventory or delete it.
  • Admin user can update the Quantity on hand, Reorder level and Warehouse for the already created SKU.
  • Admin cannot change the SKU for the product.
  • Admin can delete the Inventory for the product.

Add Inventory

OMS > Inventory > "Add New" button

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  1. Complete Inventory details
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button

Edit Inventory

OMS > Inventory > "Edit" action

Note: Inventory must be added or deleted, as only the name of the Product can be edited.

  1. Edit Inventory Details
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button

Delete Inventory

OMS > Inventory > "Delete" action
  1. Click on Delete
  2. The page will reload with action confirmation.
  3. The Pricing Engine is now deleted.