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Release Notes / Version / February 21, 2020

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-9117/ZLMC-1160] - The following methods of UserAgent.cs file were not overridable and therefore were made protected:

  • ClearAddressCache
  • ClearSessionAddress
  • ClearUserAccountKeySessionAddress
  • ClearCartModelSessionKeyAddress

[ZPD-8866/ZLMC-1094] - Some details were missing in the ERP Scheduler Status email and were therefore added. To add the changes,

  • Following were added:
    • GenerateSchedulerActivityLogEmailText method in ITouchPointConfigurationService.cs file
    • GenerateSchedulerActivityLogEmailTetx method in TouchPointConfigurationService.cs file
    • FailedSchedulerStatus & SucessSchedulerStatus key in ERP_Resources
  • SendSchedulerActivityLog method of TouchPointConfigurationService.cs file was modified

Important: GenerateSchedulerActivityLogEmail method of TouchPointConfigurationService.cs file is marked as obsolete, therefore it is recommended to use the new methods

[ZPD-8896] - Admin - The required categories were not getting displayed in the Associate Category popup while configuring the Home Content for the store. To resolve this issue, changes were made in the following methods of CMSWidgetConfigurationService.cs file:

  • GetMongoCategoryQuery
  • GetMongoQuery
  • GetAssociatedCategories

[ZPD-8967/ZLMC-1115] - The upgrade version in DB was not updated and was therefore updated by adding the required scripts.

[ZPD-8981/ZLMC-1120] - Whenever users used to include 038 in the SEO title & Description of the products, the respective information did not used to get updated. To resolve this issue, changes were made in the following:

  • SetQueryString method of FilterHelpers.cs file
  • GetSEODetails method of SEOSettingAgent.cs file
  • GetSEODetailsBySEOCode method of SEOService.cs file