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The Znode Store Locator and County Based Taxes uses reference data for the zip code, city, state, and area code. Since this data contains over 42,000 entries and changes fairly regularly it is best to purchase it commercially.

Purchasing Data

You can purchase data that is compatible with the Znode from a company called ZIPCodeDownload

After File is Downloaded

  1. Unzip download file.

  2. Upload this file to your FTP site.

  3. Login to the Znode administration website. The Dashboard page is displayed.

  4. On the top menu, click Admin > Import .The Import page is displayed.

  5. Enter the following:

    • Enter the Path of CSV File: Enter the full FTP path (where you have uploaded the file in point 2) along with the filename (of the Zip Code data file you had earlier downloaded in point 1).

  6. Click Submit. The new Zip Code Data file will replace the existing one on the storefront.

  7. That's it! You can now set up County Based Taxes in the SiteAdmin and Customers can also search for store locations using the Store Locator

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