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If reporting services are configured then add the below settings in Admin and APIs web.config file.

Admin Web.config File


Once the report server is configured, below settings need to be added in the Web.config file Admin site:

  1. Report server connection string. Please find the name “ZNodeReportDB” and add the connection string of report db in the same.
  2. Add the report server URL, Username and Password in the web.config file as per the above screenshot.
  3. Next, mention the name of the report server folder where the reports will reside. The current screen shows the report structure of the Znode’s QA environment. (You can keep the structure as it is as it will be accessible in your environment only.)

API Web.config File


In the same manner that we did in Admin’s web.config, we have to add the setting in API sites web.config file:

  1. Please add the proper connection string in the web.config file of API site.
  2. Provide the URL, username, domainname, password used for reporting services.
  3. Provide the folder names where the reports need to be saved on reporting server.
  4. Similarly, if the DataSet name is changed then that name have to be replaced in the web.config file of API site. This report data set name should be similar to the dataset name which is available in the library named “Znode.Libraries.Reports → Shared Data Sources” folder.

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