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OMS > Gift Cards 

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Gift Cards are prepaid stored money cards usually issued by a Site Admin. The application will autogenerate the unique gift card number and email the number to the respective customer associated with the gift card (if any). During checkout, any customer who has the gift card number can use it to receive a discount towards their purchase.

  • Gift cards can also be used as part of a special discount.

Gift Card Details

Gift Card Detail Description
Card Number Auto-generated number. Used to reference gift card during customer checkout.
Gift Card Name Internal reference to the gift card.
Store Name Select the store from the drop down. Admin can create the gift card for the specific store.
Gift Card Amount Enter the amount of the gift card
Expiration Date Enter expiration date for the gift card
Customer Name Select the customer to whom the gift cards needs to be assigned. Admin user can also create new customer and can assign this gift card to new user.

Add Gift Card

OMS > Gift Cards > "Add New" button

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  1. Complete Gift Card details
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button

Edit Gift Card

OMS > Gift Cards > "Edit" Action

Note: Admin can update the Gift Card information except for the Gift Card number. Admins can also associate a customer Name if previously unassociated.

  1. Edit Gift Card details
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button

Delete Gift Card

OMS > Gift Cards > "Delete" Action
  1. Page will reload confirming the delete action.
  2. Gift Card has been deleted.